Fused Aluminium Oxide Powder

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Logitech Fused Aluminium Oxide powders are manufactured to meet the exacting standards required for precision lapping and optical polishing operations.

Formulated for rapid stock removal, with high quality surface finish, these abrasives will perform with outstanding efficiency.  They have excellent cleanliness and capillarity with low magnetic content.

Typical Chemical Analysis:       

Aluminium Oxide:   96.00%       

Silica:  1.10%                                

Iron Oxide (Fe²O³):  0.25%        

Titanium Oxide  2.55%             


Product Specification:

Colour: Grey Brown  
pH:  7.5 - 8.5

Hardness, Moh:  9.0

Grading:  FEPA 42-GB-1984

Specific Gravity:        3.8

Particle Shape:  Equi-dimensional

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